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Victoria's Premier Regional Arts Festival

1st April - 10th April 2011

auction writers

Robyn Annear

Robyn Annear has lived in Castlemaine for 20 years and is the author of a number of acclaimed history books including A City Lost & Found: Whelan the Wrecker's Melbourne and Bearbrass: Imagining Early Melbourne, which won the A A Phillips Prize for Australian Studies in the 1995 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards and was shortlisted for the 1995 New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards and the Age Book of the Year.

Robyn is offering a signed copy of Nothing but Gold: The Diggers of 1852 (1995), the story of life on the diggings during that extraordinary year.

Commercial value:$45

And in an unparalleled act of generosity, Robyn has also unleashed on the public the one and only copy of her first novel, Time of Grace (not 2008). She explains how this limited edition of one came about in a hand-written note, slipped inside the hand-bound cover (her own hand in both cases). In the grand old Aussie tradition of bagging the villain, the novel is sumptuously presented in the bag of the publisher who rejected it...Robyn adds a note to would-be bidders: "Copyright in Time of Grace remains the property of Robyn Annear."

Commercial value:$inestimable

Carmel Bird

Cape Grimm is Carmel Bird’s eighth novel. Her next one Child of the Twilight will be published in February 2010. Carmel has also written five collections of short fiction, and has edited five anthologies of Australian writing including The Penguin Century of Australian Stories. Her new anthology Home Truth will be published in July 2010. She has written three books of inspiration for writers, the most recent being Writing the Story of Your Life. Her next Castlemaine three hour workshop is on Saturday November 14. Details from carmel@carmelbird.com

Carmel is offering a signed copy of Cape Grimm

Commercial value:$29.95


Howard Carr

Howard Carr is a local amateur historian who enjoys talking to students in Castlemaine about their history. He is currently working on the history of Ray Bradfield.

Howard is offering three signed books:

Barkers Creek - The Birthplace of the Mount Alexander Goldfields

Commercial value:$20

The Calder Highway - Melbourne to Mildura:Opening the Victorian Inland

Commercial value:$20

Bridging the Generations - the Story of Harcourt

Commercial value:$20

Ross Donlon (collection)

Ross Donlon is a poet who lives in Castlemaine where he convenes a popular monthly poetry reading at the Guildford Hotel. He is widely published in Australia and also in New Zealand and the U.S.A. His work has been broadcast on Radio National's Poetica and community radio. He has read at many poetry festivals, including the inaugural Australian Poetry Centre's festival in 2008 and the Tasmanian Poetry Festival in 2009 and appears on the CD of a live reading, You Have Been Chosen.

Tightrope Horizon was published in 2003, Shh and other love poems and My Ship in 2009. He was awarded the Dorothy Hewett Flagship Fellowship for Poetry in 2009.

Ross is offering a collection of three signed books of poetry:

Tightrope Horizon (Five Islands Press)

Shh and other Love Poems (Mark Time Books)

My Ship (Mark Time Books)

Ross is also offering a 10 minute private poetry reading of his and other poems.

Commercial value:$125


Lee Fox

Lee Fox is the author of the hilarious picture book, Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush her Hair, which was shortlisted in the 2007 CBCA awards and Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea. Lee has also written a YA novel, Other People's Country. As well as writing, Lee does author talks and writing workshops at schools, libraries and literature festivals around Australia.

Lee is offering a signed copy of her brand new book, to be launched on November 21:

10 Little Hermit Crabs

A terrific read-aloud, 'look and find' counting book for young children from an award-winning author. One by one ten little hermit crabs disappear as they encounter the challenges of the seaside...but never fear, the ending is a happy one!

Commercial value:$19.95


Raimond Gaita

Raimond Gaita is Professor of Moral Philosophy at King's College, University of London, Foundation Professor of Philosophy at Australian Catholic University. His books include: Good and Evil: An Absolute Conception, Romulus, My Father, A Common Humanity, The Philosopher's Dog. A feature film of Romulus, My Father was released in 2007, and won the AFI award for Best Film.

Raimond is offering a signed slip edition of Romulus My Father (Text Publishing)

Commercial value:$tbc

Julie Gittus (collection)

Julie Gittus lives in Maldon, Central Victoria. Her short stories have been broadcast on ABC radio and included in a number of Australian anthologies such as the recently released Best of the Best, edited by Barry Oakley. Her first novel, Saltwater Moons, was a nominee for the Radio National Book Show's 'The Best Australian Book Award, 2008'. Marketed as a young adult novel, Saltwater Moons has appealed to readers of all ages.

Julie is offering two signed books:

Saltwater Moons

Best of the Best, edited by Barry Oakley and containing her short story Driving the Inland Road

Commercial value:$42.95


Geoff Hocking

Geoff Hocking is a well-known artist/illustrator/designer/author [and occasional sculptor] who has contributed to the festival over many years. He has published more than 28 books, on Australian social history including the definitive Castlemaine – From Camp to City, the lavishly illustrated history of the Forest Creek diggings. He paints and exhibits regularly across the region; his range of works encompass contemporary landscapes, assemblages, whimsical garden scenes, humorous narratives and historical observations and are highly sought after. He has recently completed a commission for a large sculptural installation beside the Cobb Highway in Central NSW as part of the Artback Long Paddock Project.

Geoff is offering three of his books:

It’s Another World Record

Commercial value:$80

Castlemaine – From Camp to City [Leather-bound 1st Edition cased copy]

Commercial value:$120

Castlemaine – From Camp to City [Second Edition Hardback]

Commercial value:$60


Simmone Howell (Collection)

Simmone Howell writes fiction for young adults. Her books have been published in Australia and the US, UK and Germany. Notes from the Teenage Underground won the 2007 Victorian Premiers Prize for YA Fiction and the 2007 Gold Inky Award. Everything Beautiful has been nominated for the 2009 Melbourne Prize for Best Writing and the 2009 Gold Inky Award

Simmone is offering a collection of signed US hardbook editions of two of her books: Notes from the Teenage Underground and Everything Beautiful.

Commercial value:$40


Darren Lewis

Darren Lewis is the former Manager of the Bendigo Football League. He is also a historian and has written several books on the history of other football and cricket clubs.

Darren is offering signed copy of A Day at the Camp, the history of the Castlemaine Football Club. The Club claims a unique position in the history of Australian football. According to research undertaken by the Castlemaine Historical society and referencing this material against other research, Castlemaine can claim to be the second oldest football club in Australia and one of the oldest football clubs of any code in the world.

Commercial value:$49.95

Alex Miller (UNIQUE collection)

Alex Miller is one of Australia's best loved writers. He is the author of nine novels, including Lovesong, to be published in November 09. Alex is a recipient of the Federation Medal, "For Services to the Australian Cultural Community", and the Manning Clark Medal, for "An outstanding contribution to Australian cultural life." Alex is twice winner of the prestigious Miles Franklin Literary Award, Australia's premier literary prize, first in 1993 for The Ancestor Game and again in 2003 for Journey to the Stone Country. His fifth novel, Conditions of Faith, was published in 2000 and won the Christina Stead Prize for fiction in 2001 in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards. It was also nominated for the Dublin IMPAC International Literature Award, shortlisted for the Colin Roderick Award, the Age Book of the Year Award and the Miles Franklin Award. Alex is also an overall winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize, for The Ancestor Game, in 1993. In 2008 Alex became only the second novelist ever to be awarded the Manning Clark Medal "for an outstanding contribution to Australian cultural life." In the same year in Beijing Alex received the People's Republic of China award for Best Foreign Novel for Landscape of Farewell. He is currently working on a novel based on the life of the Australian artist, Sidney Nolan. Alex lives in Castlemaine with his wife Stephanie.

Alex is offering a unique collection of 14 signed first editions of all of his works, a collection which can never be repeated as it contains Alex's original reading copy of The Sitters, with his own annotations.Click here for full details of the 14 books.

Commercial value:$tbc

Larry O'Toole( collection)

Larry O’Toole is the proprietor of Graffiti Publications: Australian Street Rodding Magazine and related books, and is the Chairman of Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre Limited. He built his first hot rod on his parents' farm at age 19, which was the first car he owned. He worked as a newspaper photographer and pre-press operator for the Swan Hill Guardian before moving to Castlemaine in 1973 to work in the Hot Rod publishing business with Eddie Ford. Larry has written many books on hot rodding and related subjects as well as producing Street Rodding Magazine for 33 years. He has travelled extensively throughout the USA and other parts of the world in pursuit of hot rodding interests, and is now progressing to retirement but maintaining his hot rodding interests through involvement in the Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre and continuing to build his own hot rods.

Larry is offering a collection of three signed books of Hot Rodding History:

History of Australian Street Rodding

Australia's Hot Rod Heritage

Australia's Hot Rod Pioneers

Commercial value:$145

Larry is also offering:

The Good Old Aussie Ute

Commercial value:$38.50


Tim Pegler

Tim Pegler is an award-winning journalist and author. During a decade at newspapers including The Age and The Australian, he covered crime, industrial relations and social justice issues such as indigenous affairs, religion and child welfare. After a series of reports on living conditions for people with intellectual disabilities, he was the joint winner of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission print media prize in 1996. A special investigation into Victoria's child protection system saw Tim awarded the United Nations Association of Australia media peace prize the following year.

Tim is offering a signed copy of his first novel, Game as Ned, published in 2007. Game as Ned is a re-imagining of the Ned Kelly story exploring themes such as bullying, difference and injustice. It tells the story of a 17-year old boy with an autism spectrum disorder who summons the courage to stand up to a bully. Suitable for young people aged 14 and up, it has attracted rave reviews from secondary students, particularly from reluctant readers.

Game as Ned was the Children's Book Council of Australia notable book in 2008, was long-listed for the Inky and Ned Kelly awards in 2008, and was a Recommended book at the Australian Family Therapists Awards, 2007.

Commercial value:$tbc


Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor is a local author involved in the psychic arena. She specializes in the use of Pendulum and Palmistry related divination and conducts professional readings upon request as well as presentations and workshops. Contact Susan via email at circleoflife-@live.com

Susan is offering her publication Prophecy of the Pendulum, a set of divination boards that she has created. (Sidharta Publishing)

Commercial value:$49.95

Joan Webster

Joan Webster has probably done more than any other private individual to raise public awareness of bushfire safety. An award-winning journalist, she began writing about bushfire safety in her newspaper columns in 1965. For nearly 25 years, she has lobbied, written and broadcast extensively on bushfire safety, has been keynote speaker at community meetings and international congresses -in Victoria, Sydney and the Blue Mountains and in South Africa. She was a member of the first municipal Civil Defence for Bushfire in 1964, and has campaigned on bushfire safety for the public ever since. In 1990 she received the Australian Fire Protection Association Community Safety Award, nominated by the CFA.

The Complete Bushfire Safety Book is acclaimed by fire authorities as the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject. When it was first published in 1986 as The Complete Australian Bushfire Book, it caused a revolution in bushfire safety for the public.Many of the concepts now familiar in official bushfire brochures were taken from this book: window shutters for house protection, the personal Survival Kit, the special needs of children and the frail, care of pets, preparing a fire plan and travelling/holidaying safety. The actions lists of what to do at various stages of bushfure threat, familiar in official brochures and websites, were originally conceived and devised by Joan Webster and first published in it. Fire authorities throughout Australia use it in the training of their officers. It contains every known bushfire safety factor. And includes the first - and still most detailed - analysis and step-by-step understanding of the stay-go dilemma, which has helped shape official policy. Householders say it has been the means of saving their homes and their lives during the most extreme bushfires – even Black Saturday - and have written, ‘Your book has taken the fear out of summer’.

Joan is offering a signed copy of this book.

Commercial value:$34-95


Joan Webster

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips was published by the CSIRO last year and launched by Victorian Minister for Emergency Services, Bob Cameron. This condensed version of The Complete book, has every known bushfire danger and safety factor honed down to dot-point one-liners and set out in over 2,000 tips. It is designed as a handy ready-reference and is ideal for making your bushfire safety plan.

Joan is offering a signed copy of this book.

Commercial value:$29-95

Dr John Wilkinson

Dr John Wilkinson is a science educator and former university lecturer and is author of many science books. He has research interests in astronomy and science education. He is author of a new book published by the CSIRO called Probing the New Solar System. John lives in Castlemaine and has taught at the local Secondary College as well as Latrobe University in Bendigo. His new book has been written for the general public, amateur astronomers and anyone interested in Astronomy.

John is offering a signed copy of Probing the New Solar System, which discusses the latest findings that have contributed to a changed understanding of the solar system – and how the revised definition of a planet in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union affected this understanding. Each chapter includes some historical information, ‘Did you know?’ items of particular interest to readers, and photographs of objects in the solar system showing newly discovered features of the planets, their moons and of dwarf planets.

Commercial value:$39-95