From the Festival Director:

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From the Festival Director:

After a 2-year wait, the Festival is almost upon us. The whole town is abuzz!

Over half of the ticketed Festival program is now booked out, so for those of you who have not yet booked your shows, please do not wait any longer or you may be disappointed.

As your hosts, we at the Castlemaine State Festival hope to make your experience a highly pleasurable one.

The Castlemaine Market Building is home to our Festival Box Office and is the place to go for all kinds of visitor assistance and advice about any aspect of the program.

For visitors travelling to the area, Castlemaine is an easy journey by train from Melbourne, Bendigo, Swan Hill or Echuca. Once here, you can easily walk or cycle between most Festival venues. Castlemaine is a beautiful and relaxed small town, ideal for slo-mo travel. There is also a bike service available from the Visitor Information Centre.
Apart from the ticketed shows and fabulous free community events, please remember that there is a large suite of fantastic Associated Works, including Unsettled at the Pennyweight Cemetery, The Distance Between You and Me at Vaughan Springs and Circus and Visual Arts Symposiums. These are all amazing opportunities to be a viewer or participant. There are also more than 80 Open Studios and Exhibitions in and around town.

The Distance Between You and Me

The printed Festival Program has all relevant details, and you can download maps and other information directly from the Festival website. There are exceptional workshop opportunities with local artists and international guest artists from Korea (as part of Kekkai), Rajisthan (as part of Crosshatched) and more. These are open to everyone, not just ‘artists’.

A very special site transformed for the 2015 Festival is the former Castlemaine Woollen Mill, just opposite the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens. The Castlemaine Woollen Mill will host works from across all art forms. For those interested in the performing arts, I recommend you do not miss out on three stunning works that use the architecture and history of this location — In Plan, Kekkai and #wanderingcloud. Currently tickets are available for these performances, but all are likely to be sold out by the commencement of the Festival.


So be bold and surprise yourself. Go to something you would not normally attend and risk being delighted by the unexpected.

We wish you all a very memorable 40th Anniversary Castlemaine State Festival and look forward to seeing you there.