Welcome to Dialogues 2022 – A curation of dynamic writers and theorists from a diverse range of fields are coming to Castlemaine for ‘Dialogues 2022 – Change Your Thinking’, a collaborative reflection on the issues of ‘CHANGE.’

Taking place from the 7th till the 10th of April at The Goods Shed and venues throughout Castlemaine, Dialogues 2022 aims to stimulate active discourse where speakers and audiences challenge, inform, reassure and inspire each other. Speakers will challenge and engage with the audience, encouraging them to instigate, embrace, reject and consider the outcomes of change along the way.

Castlemaine State Festival and the Wheeler Centre present Bill and Chloe Shorten in conversation for the first time, talking candidly and with good humour on politics, family and everything in between.
When Jon Faine was a junior lawyer, he didn't ever expect that the death of a publican named Thelma, who lived in a remote outback pub, and the meeting of her brother, Apollo, who became the world's strongest man, would somehow irrevocably change the direction of his life.

Join us at The Goods Shed as much-loved radio presenters Jon Faine and Derek Guille enjoy a lively discussion around Jon’s new book: Apollo and Thelma.

Has our ability to trust the people and organisations we uphold most - in leadership, in the media, in the workplace and in our daily lives changed or have we become less tolerant of lies and injustice? An honest and confronting conversation with Van Bandam and panelists John Safran, Claire G Coleman, Julia Banks & Tim Burrowes on the impact the betrayal of trust can have on political, cultural, historical, and domestic outcomes.
Regional Australia took on a whole new identity during 2020-2021. What are our plans for keeping it vibrant, prosperous, productive, and proud? A frank and important discussion on ‘where to from here? with Gabrielle Chan, Dr Anika Molesworth, Uncle Rick Nelson & host, Alex Kelly.


A dining experience like no other. The intimacy and flair of Castlemaine’s Bar Midland and and their trademark five course lunch, combined with the opportunity to chat with and ask questions of, one of our most loved restaurateurs and sustainable food champions.
Does Death and Dying take on a new perspective in a post-pandemic world? A relaxed and important discussion around a topic that will ultimately impact us all with Kristin Gill, Hayley West, Louise Winter & Evonne Madden.
An inspiring conversation with three of the most celebrated identities of the Australian food and restaurant landscape: Stephanie Alexander, Julie Gibbs & Annie Smithers.
In the apparent absence of leadership on climate change policy, why shouldn’t people feel empowered to side-step the government and take action into their own hands?


2020-2021 saw a startling change in the way we were asked to live and manage our lives with very little preparation, choice, or discussion. How are we all travelling and are we better armed for change going forward?
Our panel of new and diverse voices will discuss what shapes and informs their storytelling in their preferred genre – whether it be song lyrics, poetry, photography, or short stories. Join Theo Kwek, Sarah Walker, Ennis Cehic, Jean Seizure & Cate Kennedy for a in-depth discussion of their work practices with a special pre-recorded presentation from artist ArunDitha.

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Dialogues 2022 is proudly supported by Geoff & Lorrainne & The Dialogues 2022 Directors Circle: Pat & Sam Grumont, Helen Symon & Ian Lulham, Dr Mary Cole, Leonie Postle, John Stanistreet, Ian McKenzie & Sue Cutler, Andie Pasqualini, Cathrine Harboe-Ree AM and Dr Morry Rottem & Margot Rottem OAM.

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Castlemaine State Festival is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants program.