La Trobe University presents

Digitilly and Tuska Boy

Digitilly and Tuska Boy are the alter egos of La Trobe University students CiPi (aka Cathy Parry) and Kerryn Sylvia, and they live in an alternative reality constructed of digital art, textiles, found objects and circuit boards. This installation explores transformational experiences, identity and human connection, prompting the viewer to question the way they navigate their own place in the world.

Kerryn Sylvia: Kerryn Sylvia is currently undertaking a PhD at La Trobe University. Based in northwest Victoria, she works across and broad range of disciplines as an artist and educator and is currently engaged in a practice-led research project that focuses on the entanglements and transformations of adolescence and midlife motherhood within societal structures such rites of passage.

CiPi is an artist living in Castlemaine, she is a maker of costumes, characters and miniature stories that express big ideas. Currently undertaking her Masters degree at Latrobe University Bendigo, she is researching Care through fabulation, imagining stories for a people yet to come.