Castlemaine State Festival in association with Punctum presents

Hear Here

Hear Here is a pop-up radio station made specifically for listening at The Res. Experience a guided tour with up to five family members/bubble friends with a radio and map provided by us. Hear stories from local legends and passionate people, sharing their knowledge and expertise of this ecology from upstream and downstream. Through a series of recorded interviews Hear Here reveals new perspectives of place to the listener, each thematically inspired by the water, land and stories of the site on which it is created.

At time of printing, you can only be joined by as many legally allowed to travel together in one car. Book up to two bubble friends/family on one ticket or up to five bubble friends/family that can legally be carried in one car together for two tickets. Time adherence at the event will be strictly monitored so other booked patrons can be assured an equal share. Limited parking facilities at this exclusive event mean one ticket holder in and another ticket holder out so please adhere to your exit time.


Created by Daniele Constance, Dan Koop and Matt Cornell with Punctum Inc.

This work was developed as part of Punctum’s Weird Sanctuaries program.
This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.