Performance | Republic of Korea

Ambiguous Dance Company

Body Concert has been metamorphosing since its inception in 2010, when it made a splash in the bold contemporary dance scene of Seoul. It’s the work of Ambiguous Dance Company, founded by choreographer Kim Bo-ram and dancer Jang Kung-min in 2008. The South Korean company is known for feats of athleticism, pushing the boundaries of dance and flirting with different genres.

Structured like a concert, the performance is in 10 acts. There’s no plot to follow, or sense to be made – the emphasis is on letting the dancers’ bodies convey pure emotion and energy. American Theatre commented on the ‘exhilarating sense that the concert’s century-hopping soundtrack, from Mozart to Daft Punk, was ensconcedwithinthe dancers’ bodies, struggling, via flashdance footwork and syncopated shoulder convulsions, to burst free’. It’s an exciting addition to hallyu – the wave of Korean entertainment and culture that has permeated the world.

‘a one-of-a-kind performance that’s not to be missed.’ — TIMEOUT