Music | Bosnia & Herzegovina

bozo vreco

With his eyeliner, luxuriantly long hair, beard, tattoos and fabulous dresses, Božo Vrećo explores the masculine and feminine. His emotive tenor is just as ambiguous, bringing a delicacy to the intense melancholy of sevdalinka folk music.

Sevdalinka has found new popularity in the Balkans since war devastated the region in the 1990s. As is tradition, Vrećo performs unaccompanied, the better to express the pathos, melancholy and yearning that the ancient genre is known for. Vrećo rose to popularity through his band Halka, but now focuses on his solo career. In 2018 he released his fifth album, Melek to global acclaim. His music has been used in documentaries, ballet and theatrical performances.

‘The artist of angelic voice, who heals the soul and opens the heart.’ –NEW YORK TIMES