Performance | Australia

Adam Ford

Dance to the Anticlinal Fold is a literary walking tour that invites closer consideration of the told and untold stories of the land we all stand on. The adventure starts at the Anticlinal Fold, a locally celebrated rock formation in downtown Castlemaine.

Participants will be led by poet-guide Adam Ford on a walk around the local area, along the way they will be told stories from the Castlemaine region, ranging from the present day to prehistory.

Featuring the words and stories of poet Adam Ford, historian Robyn Annear, geologist Clive Willman and Indigenous Elder Uncle Rick Nelson, this outdoor performance uses poetry, history and science to explore human interaction with – and the formation of – the landscape of the Castlemaine area.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a walking tour. Please wear comfortable footwear, a sun hat and sunscreen.