Performance | Taiwan/Australia

Food Concert

Chun-liang Liu

Food Concert is a performance that opens a space for participants to dwell on their relationships with food. Sensorial experiences, social relations and collective actions are central in the work. If we could store and cook intangible things such as love, what ingredients would you add or omit? A feast is expected—but will you eat what you have no control over making?

We invite you to bring something that is important to you and that you would like to preserve. A small object of significance or any thoughts are welcome. If you choose to bring a thought with you, we’ll provide a label for you to write it on.

Chun-Liang Liu is an interdisciplinary artist based in Taipei and the Creative Director of Long Distance Collective Theatre Company in Taiwan. Her works explore sensorial experiences and their relationship with space.


Food Concert is a work-in-progress performance.