Film | Australia




DIR: Santilla Chingaipe 3 Mins

Black As Me is the stunning short documentary from Zambian-born, Melbourne-based filmmaker and journalist Santilla Chingaipe. Exploring self-awareness and identity, artist Atong Atem describes her experiences of colourism in Australian society


DIR: Larissa Behrendt & Marieka Walsh 5 Mins

Since Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen generation in 2008 the number of Indigenous in out of home care in Australia has risen from 9,000 to over 16,000. Noongar woman Barbara tells of one grandmother’s fight to get her granddaughter back.


DIR: Shelly Lauman 8 Mins

A casual gesture of friendliness quickly spirals into a paralysing moment for a woman on a train.

Judas Collar

DIR: Alison James 15 Mins
(No Dialogue)

The tragic tale of a wild camel and the sacrifices she makes for the benefit of her kind.

Tangles And Knots

DIR: Renée Marie Petropoulos 17 Mins

An intense bond between mother and daughter is at risk of becoming undone when the events at a house party take a sinister turn.

Florence Has Left The Building

DIR: Mirrah Foulkes 14 Mins

It’s the annual Christmas Eve concert at the Marigold House Assisted Living Facility. All her friends are dying, and Florence wants out. When the facility double books two rival Elvis impersonators, Florence takes the opportunity for one last hurrah.

First Day

DIR: Julie Kalceff 17 Mins

It’s Hannah’s first day of high school. It’s also the first day she’ll wear a girl’s school uniform and go by her chosen name rather than the boy’s name she was given at birth.