Visual Arts | Tasmania


A collaborative and expanded radio project of Julia Drouhin and Phillipa Stafford, Sisters Akousmatica are inspired by porous possibilities of transmission and the embodiment of radio akousmatic nature: a voice cut from the source. They are concerned with collective radio practices, auditory-spatial exploration and the potential of emergent art forms to support socio-cultural and gender minorities in the field of sound arts.

CUTTING LAPS is their new public radio work that combines car culture and radio art for a series of transmission. Radio Queens will drive a custom built shitbox car transmitter, nightly, in traditional blockies while transmitting the sound works of Verónica Mota (Mexico-Germany), Celeste Oram (New Zealand-Southern California), Anna Raimondo (Italy-Belgium), Beatriz Ferreyra (Argentina-France), Jacqui Shelton (Australia) which can be listened to via radios in cars, shops and residences within 1 km of the cutting laps site.

Check out the Sisters Akousmatica Instagram profile for updates @radioqueens