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Yana Alana


Queen of queer cabaret and determined to never be a national treasure, Yana Alana is a multi-award-winning punk, anti-glamour, cabaret performance anarchist. Yana Alana and her all female band The Paranas bring to you her greatest tits from her award-winning shows. Giving a finger to the idea of normality, Greatest Tits is a celebration of diversity and difference.

Between the Cracks

Wearing nothing but blue paint and accessories, Sarah Ward brings her alter-ego to the stage: the brilliantly rude, camp and delusional Yana Alana, who’s here to tackle socio-political issues and stick it to convention.

Between the Cracks is a subversive and demented delving into the psyche of a pill-popping, intemperate, narcissistic neo-punk artist. She’s so politically incorrect that politicians cross the floor to see her. There is nothing Yana Alana won’t do to derail the patriarchy and discomfort the masses.

‘Demonically talented, rudely brilliant. It’s a shame we can only give Yana Alana five stars’ -THE ADVERTISER