She-d. A new residency program at the Castlemaine Goods Shed


CSF is excited to announce a new residency program at the Castlemaine Goods Shed: She-d. She-d hands over the keys to the Castlemaine Goods Shed to women-led arts organisations/projects and women artists to develop new work, explore new ideas and foster new creative partnerships. She-d residents receive free access to the Castlemaine Goods Shed development space and its facilities for one week, as well as billeted local accommodation for up to 3 non-local artists if required. She-d will be an ongoing program with at least one residency awarded each year. In 2018, 2 residencies are available between 1 May and 31 August.

While She-d is not a women-only program, its goal is to nurture collaborative women-led practice, to facilitate development opportunities for women-led arts projects, to deepen existing partnerships and form new creative collaborations, alliances and networks among women artists.


We now invite applications by women artists and women-led arts organisations to be considered for She-d. Applicants should demonstrate commitment to and viability of the proposed residency project by addressing the following questions:

  • What do you intend to achieve during your week at She-d?
  • Who will be involved?
  • How will you do it?
  • Why do you want to do it?

Please send a one-page response with your name/organisation & contact details to to apply.
Applications will be assessed as received until both residencies have been filled.

Applications are now closed.