Announcing our She-d residents for 2018


We were thrilled with the number of applications from women artists and women-led projects we received for our She-d artist-in-residence program at the Goods Shed. A huge congratulations and a warm Festival welcome to Teana Amor and Jodi Newcombe the two artists completing residencies in 2018.

This month, Teana Amor has been working on her film project ‘The Fabulous Circus of Dr Zeuss’, (setup pictured above) a comedy with dark overtones, myths and mayhem. Set in Castlemaine, the film tells the story of a circus that abruptly appears in town, changing lives and creating havoc in plentiful (and magical) amounts. The film has been in development for a number of years and the She-d residency will bring the Teana and her team a huge step closer to the completion of the project by enabling the filming of key scenes


Jodi Newcombe of Carbon Arts will take up residence in October with ‘Imagining Energy Castlemaine’, a project that marries renewable energy and public art. At the heart of Jodi’s creative practice is the belief that creativity is essential in making the transition to a more sustainable society, and her She-d residency aims to contribute to this transition by facilitating a workshop and open studio exhibition. The workshop will invite creatives to learn about the latest in renewable energy technology and apply this learning to design a renewable energy generator for a site in Castlemaine. The emergent ideas will be presented to the public in an open studio on 13 and 14 October, 2018. Pictured above Solar Loop — a submission to the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative competition for New York City Team Paolo Venturella, Gilberto Bonelli, Alessandro Balducci, Rocco Vanantines, Mario Emanuele Salini and Pietro Bodria.

We look forward to supporting these two wonderful projects with our She-d program and can’t wait to see them take shape. Sign up to our eNews to stay up to date with the progress of the residencies and much more.