We have found ourselves in a moment of amazing global upheaval, affecting everybody. We are fighting a truly common enemy for the first time in a long time. COVID-19 is classless, faceless and fearless and will undoubtedly leave its mark indented in all cultures.

We bow to our health professionals, first responders, our carers, our teachers, our food and goods supply workers – servicing all of our essential needs.

Thanks also to the very many artists and arts workers whose livelihoods have been put precariously on hold, but who are still out there taking over the internet, showing off the best art they can, in a digital format we all expected somehow to be more advanced in this scenario. If we could ever imagine this scenario.

There are thousands of dollars in cancelled bookings that that artists and events workers will never see, for work already developed and made ready for presentation. We stand with you and hope to sweep as many of you up with us as we plough forward. Not only are we resolute in our planning for the 2021 Festival but we are also pursuing initiatives with an aim improve the lives of artists affected by this most extraordinary situation.

Our thoughts are also with CSF’s partners, suppliers, patrons and friends whose business and family lives may have been significantly touched already. We encourage you to support local businesses as much as you can.

This pandemic is not over yet, not even close. Our not-for-profit Festival aspires to bring you an array of multi-art-form experiences – every two years. So, if your own circumstances allow, we welcome any support you might be able to offer in order for us to bring you the best possible program in 2021.

We know the importance of art. For now, for the future, and in order to continue learning from our past through the stories we tell. For the myriad ways it connects us to our communities, our cultures, our stories.

On behalf of the whole CSF team, our thoughts are with you all.

Glyn Roberts
Festival Director/ CEO