Eucalypt Commission – EOI


Castlemaine State Festival is pleased to announce a new partnership between philanthropic, educational and creative industries — Eucalypt Australia, La Trobe Art Institute and Castlemaine State Festival have worked together to create the Eucalypt Commission, a $15,000 investment in environment and culture. The Eucalypt Commission allows an artist to produce a new work (or body of work) that will be exhibited at the Castlemaine State Festival in March 2019. Artists are to consider transportation to Castlemaine, materials and fees as part of their budgeting for the production of the work; while CSF will provide $5,000 worth of fixings and necessary presentation devices to support the delivery and presentation of the artist’s final proposed artwork.

The Expression of Interest provides information about the Commission and contains a submission form below for applicants. The Eucalypt Commission is open to all artists, for the purposes of making new art in any medium to be exhibited at the Castlemaine State Festival. Artworks must have some relevant connection to the tree species eucalyptus – a connection that can be expressed through concept, content or material.

Eucalypt Australia is partnering with the Castlemaine State Festival in order to fulfil its objective to celebrate and promote the significance of the eucalypt. The Commission provides for the production of new artistic work that, at some impactful level, communicates the ecological, cultural and economic value of this most iconic Australian tree. The Castlemaine State Festival is pleased to partner with philanthropic organisations in ways that serve mutually beneficial ends and this partnership is a perfect way to ensure the development of quality art for the Festival. It also allows for a more enriched engagement with the production of artwork, from conception, through development, and into production and development.

Exhibition Outcome

The Eucalypt Commission will be awarded to an artist (or artists) with a vision for producing artwork that is rich with ideas and executed with a care for materials. Artworks can be produced in any medium and may deal with any topic, or be completely abstract. The Commission is designed to ensure that eucalypts are celebrated, so consideration of how this shall manifest in the nature of the artwork must be articulated in the proposal.

The presentation of the work is expected to take place specifically on the front exterior, veranda apron/portico of the Castlemaine Art Museum, and artists are encouraged to consider this when proposing a work (and encouraged to think laterally about how this might happen in relation to their specific proposal).

Application Process—Submissions for this project are now closed.

The Eucalypt Commission is awarded to an artist (or artists) with a vision for producing captivating art.


A panel consisting of representatives from Eucalypt Australia, Castlemaine State Festival, La Trobe Art Institute and one additional external industry professional will review all applications and select an artist (or artists) to award the Commission to.

The selected artist(s) will be notified by the 28th September 2018.


Site plan for the Commission