Welcome to Castlemaine and the 2019 Castlemaine State Festival. We’ve been working tirelessly for the past two years to put this incredible program together. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

I want to begin by thanking the amazing team at the Castlemaine State Festival. These fine people have been working night and day to bring you what we hope will be our best festival yet. I would also like to give a special thank you to all our patrons and donors. Your support, as you come on this journey with us, means the world.

Over the past 18 months, people have often asked us whether the 2019 Festival will have a theme or curatorial conceit. Initially we said no, knowing the events speak for themselves, but as the program came together it became obvious that there was a constant context that informed every choice we made.That was, of course, Castlemaine itself.

From the very early stages of planning the 2019 edition, the town, its surrounding areas and its amazing people have been our inspiration. If you are lucky enough to be a first-time visitor to the region you will soon notice that Castlemaine isn’t just any regional city. Its 7,000 odd inhabitants represent a microcosm of Australian society: its diversity, successes, beauty and contradictions are all here in this one very special place.

The communal spirit is beautifully showcased in Dialogues, our program of talks and ideas exploring the future of living regionally in an ever-changing world. It is also present in Equinox, the opening-night dance party that will bring everyone to their feet. The elegance of the old gold-rush buildings that adorn our streets is reflected through the music of masters such as Jordi Savall and Floraleda Sacchi. The diversity of people and the landscapes they inhabit is conveyed through works such as Adam Ford’s Dance to the Anticlinal Fold and performances by world/folk legends such as Ego Lemos and Božo Vreco. This region’s unique ability to communicate and connect globally is celebrated through multiple works from South Korea, and collaborations with artists from Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Germany and Timor-Leste.

With this edition of the Castlemaine State Festival we have made sure that visual art takes pride of place in myriad venues around town, including – most importantly – the historic Castlemaine Art Museum. Our friends and partners at the La Trobe Art Institute have curated a truly inspiring selection of more than 25 artists from Castlemaine, Australia and around the world.

This is Castlemaine, a place that is contemporary, classical and, most importantly, communal. If I don’t see you at one of the performances, concerts, talks and exhibitions in the program, I am sure I will see you after a gig at the Theatre Royal Aperol Festival Club for a spritz and a chat.

Welcome to the Festival.



The late Berek Segan AM OBE & Marysia Segan


Chair Dennis Goldner
Treasurer Sandrah Crabb
Secretary Anthony Bateman
Mark Anstey
Melissa Cater
Adrienne Conway
Paula Ewing
Bill Forrest
Tom Gyorffy QC
Lucy Mayes
Jennifer Newport
Christine Nixon APM


Michael Bottomley
Phee Broadway OAM
Mary Harris
Geoff Hocking
Gary McClure
Lyndal McClure
Juilie Millowick
Ian O’Halloran OAM
Martin Paten
Val Victor Gordon
Christopher Whitehead


Festival Director Glyn Roberts
General Manager Krista Horbatiuk
Creative Producer Henriette Kassay-Schuster
Patrons & Donors Manager Val Victor-Gordon
Marketing & PR Manager Jen Toogood
Production Manager John O’Donnell
Finance Coordinator Bronwyn Dawson
Partnerships Coordinator Yasmine O’Sullivan
Marketing Coordinator Rachel Valentyne
Technical Coordinator Mel Robertson
Education Coordinator Kate Stones
Volunteers Coordinator Sarah Myles
Box Office Manager Fionna Allan / Julia Mann
Box Office Assistant Allison Gibbs
Goods Shed Fundraising Coordinator Donna Cusack
OHS & Risk Manager Grant Victor-Gordon
Associate Producer Emily Sweeney
Food & Beverage Coordinator Alex Perry
Office Administration Lorrainne Callister, Mary Harris, Kerry Parker, Peter Ryan, Grace Saltmarsh, Maxine Tester, Julie Trumble, Kerrie West, Russell West, Robyn Ward
Festival Identity & Program Design Design by Committee
Website Design by Committee/Greengraphics
Publicity Ali Webb
Program Intern Shuling Wong
Copywriter Jenny Valentish
Audio Outlook Communications
Lighting & Staging Greg McGeachin


Dialogues Lisa Dempster
Visual Art La Trobe Art Institute
Contemporary Music & Film Theatre Royal Castlemaine


The Board and staff of the Castlemaine State Festival wish to thank all of our partners, patrons, donors & supporters and the many volunteers, who are integral to the success of the Festival.