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Oil on canvas – unframed
(H) 120 cm x (W) 180 cm

Item condition: New


Richard Baxter  is a painter, photographer and amateur animator living near Castlemaine. He has been exhibiting for 38 years and has a ‘slight obsession’ with making images of various kinds.

‘The concept here was to keep the bottom half of the painting absolutely ‘straight’ and fanatically devoted to the minutiae, whilst the above half represented the limitless expanse of the infinite, with the two being seamlessly connected and a part of each other.
It is easy to imagine the universe is ‘out there’ and forget that we are an integral part of it, unseparated. Railway-yards are what sometimes happen when a galaxy congeals over billions of years.’

Laniakea will be on display at The Mill, 9 Walker St. Castlemaine from March 16.

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