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(H) 7.5 cm  x (W) 21 cm

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As functionality is at the core of Sarah’s work, there are questions she asks myself; how does the cup feel when you bring it to your lips? Does it feel balanced? How will it look on the table? How do multiple pieces fit together, do they belong?

‘Time spent in the studio as a potter is about renewal: both in ideas and the practice of making. Throwing, trimming, glazing, firing and the considered appraisal of finished pieces allow her to see what I can improve and develop further. Working with porcelain clay is a test of the nerves at times. It is temperamental and requires a steadiness and resilience, but the rewards are many.’

Sarah makes all her own glazes, and works are fired in the shed attached to her studio, located in the small country town of Newstead, 10 minutes drive west of Castlemaine.

‘I create functional, wheel-thrown porcelain ceramics, bringing handcrafted beauty to everyday life. Objects bring ritual and honouring to our lives. It’s our relationship to objects that interests me; they occupy space in our homes and cradle memories and stories.’

This bowl is currently on display at The Taproom, 5A/ 9 Walker St. Castlemaine.

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