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Wait… There’s flying cymbals?!

By October 20, 2014June 22nd, 2020CSF news, Latest News


To be honest, flying cymbals are the LEAST of my worries, its the flying TIME that’s got my goat this month! It is almost time to be smashing those piggy banks and cashing in the coins ready to join the line at the Box Office for tickets to festival goodness!

Here’s Hot Tip #1 already:
Box Office opens 10 December 2014 (10.12.14)
Bam! Just like that.



Smart cookies will know that this also means the LAUNCH is also on the 10 December 2014. So HIGHLIGHT that page in your diary. The launch is were you will find out  ALL of the wondrous events of the 2015 Festival. A date that is both super exciting & slightly nerve-wracking… However will I keep you enthralled once you know all my secrets…

We will be sending invites shortly.

IF you are an official ‘Friend of the Festival’ or Patron, or Sponsor you will of course be receiving a very SPECIAL invitation to your very own launch party on the 30 November, and also information on pre-sale ticketing 10 days before the rest of them!

Which leads me to hot tip #2:
Become a Patron of the Festival and help support this wondrous event to happen. As a patron you will receive an invite to the exclusive launch & the opportunity to pre-purchase tickets BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!!!

Straight off the back, hot tip #3:
Join the Friends of the Festival, because why would you not?
Its $40 for two years… $40. Two years. Again, Why would you not?

Program Delights:

Get ready for Castlemaine’s Big Bang…
What does a Strauss anthem, a walking samba band, an Elio Morricone theme, possum skin rhythms, a b-flat didgeridoo, a tuba, and a flying cymbal have in common? They’re all playing a part in the Festival Opening’s Big Bang. Rehearsals are hotting up!



NOTE: Image direct result of googling “flying cymbal” and not necessarily indicative of program content.. CLEARLY – those cymbals ain’t flying…

The Community Carnival in Victory Park…
Victory Park will be a smorgasbord of live entertainment over the two weekends of the festival. A mere 15 workshops and 47 acts including a tiny truck stage, a repurposed horse float, music, dancing, singing, and amazing theatre shows from some of Melbourne’s finest… Includes great food, drinks, sun lounges, hay bales, parasols & funtimes… for reals…



Festival Further Info:

Join the cacophony

A call for volunteers has just been shouted from the rooftops. Handbooks have been posted to all 2013 volunteers, and if you’d like to join our creative madness don’t be shy – register your interest now:

Box Office Coordinator:
Are you cool, calm and collected with a penchant for customer service? We’re looking for a Box Office Coordinator to manage all ticketing for the festival. The chosen one will be responsible for developing and managing all ticketing operations online and in real life at the Castlemaine Market Building Box Office.
Further information can be found here and applications close noon Monday 20 October
(Hey! I just found a fun thing to do this weekend! Resume updating anyone??)

Help us make The Impossible Orchestra Possible
2015 is a pretty special year for us; we are celebrating 40 years, 20 festivals, and the 99th birthday of Castlemaine State Festival’s founder, Berek Segan. And we want to make a HUGE deal about it.

We want to celebrate these three anniversaries with The Impossible Orchestra – an event planned to bring thirty musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra & renowned violinist Ji Won Kim to play a special performance in honour of Berek.
And we need your help.
We are calling out for donations to make this festival unforgettable, and to challenge the title of our Impossible Orchestra and bring it to Castlemaine. Generous festival and art lovers can contribute via our website.
Impossible Orchestra

And FINALLY – an event!

The Friends of Castlemaine State Festival have spent many years championing young music students, and they are proud to present an opportunity for you to hear a group ofCastlemaine Senior College students perform some of their selected works at a special evening performance at the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum.
Doors to the Gallery will open at 5 pm on Sunday the 26th October
Admission is $15 and drinks and delicious sandwiches will be served.
There will also be a Silent Auction with some fabulous items up for grabs.

Hope to see you there,
and if not there Ill totally see you at the festival

13 – 22 March 2015
only 148 days to go!