We All Know How this Ends


Does Death and Dying take on a new perspective in a post-pandemic world? A relaxed and important discussion around a topic that will ultimately impact us all with Kristin Gill, Hayley West, Louise Winter* & Evonne Madden.

*Appearing via video link

Kristin Gill


Kristin is passionate about books and with more than 30 years experience in the Book Industry, she is well placed to run Northern Books with her husband Graham, a literary events business which also includes a consultancy service for aspiring writers and illustrators.
As curator of the Castlemaine State Festival's Dialogue Program, she draws on her book industry and events experience to bring a rich and diverse selection of writers and commentators to the community and as a consultant and copywriter, she helps make the words and stories of others matter.
Northern Books actively supports the work of The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, an organisation Kristin was a founding director of between 2012 - 2015 and who she continues to volunteer with. She lives and works on Dja Dja Warrung country.

Lousie Winter

Digital Panelist

Louise Winter is a progressive funeral director. Together with Anna Lyons, an end-of-life doula, she is behind the book We All Know How This Ends, and the Life. Death. Whatever, initiative, a new approach to death and dying. Her mission is to redesign the dialogue around death and dying, to open it up and to find new approaches to this important subject. She believes that death is a normal part of life and dying is part of living. Acknowledging and accepting that one day we will die is fundamental to living a full life. Image Credit: Melissa Rodrigues

Evonne Madden


Evonne Madden was raised in country Victoria before university took her to Melbourne where she has spent most of her adult life. She is a journalist, and mother to Joseph and Heidi. Evonne was motivated to create this book after the death of her husband, Paul, aged 37. She found grief quite overwhelming and quickly discovered it’s a topic that is not often discussed openly. As a journalist, asking others how they had coped – when she was struggling to do so herself – felt like the natural thing to do. Life After is Evonne’s first book.

Hayley West


Hayley West’s practice relates to a lived awareness of death and memorial, working with sculpture, video, performance, and installation. Her research explores the realities of grief through personal experiences and artistic practice, focusing on the inevitability of one’s own death and the impact on those remaining.

As an artist working in the public realm, Hayley believes in empowering the community by sharing practical knowledge through exchange and generosity. Her practice spans over 20 years of research, exhibitions and residencies internationally and nationally.

Hayley hosts DEAD AIR a weekly radio show on 94.9MAINfm, is a member of the Natural Death Advocacy Network, on the board of the Castlemaine Cemetery Trust, and has co-hosted Death Cafés since 2014.

Date & Time
Saturday April 9, 4 pm

Goods Shed Arts
Castlemaine Goods Shed
21 Kennedy Street
Castlemaine, 3450

60 mins

This is a covid safe event. All ticketholders must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask to attend.