From the shadows of Angkor comes The Cambodian Space Project, a Phnom Penh-based rock’n’roll band at the forefront of Cambodia’s astonishing culture re-invention. Srey Channthy, born into war and poverty as the daughter of an army tank driver, fronts this psychedelic, cross-cultural outfit.

She channels the divas of the lost golden era of 1960s Cambodian Pop and interjects her own material such as Have Visa No Have Rice, Dance King Kong and the epic Whisky Cambodia — the title track of CSP’s third album (produced in Detroit by Motown guitar legend Dennis Coffey). A vibrant and exotic show with Khmer dancers The Spacettes and a visually spectacular mash-up of 1960s Cambodian film.

 ‘They’re a great band, the singer is amazing, really beautiful,
the guitars really jump out at you,
very affecting, great stuff’

Nick Cave

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