Uncle Vanya in Avoca is a site-specific durational version of the play by Anton Chekhov, an early environmentalist. It is located in the exquisite Watford House, close to the Avoca River, in the town of Avoca.

Performed over two days, Uncle Vanya in Avoca is an immersive experience that dissolves the division between audience and performers, as they move through the rooms and grounds of Watford House.

The characters of the play grapple with a deteriorating environment, the economic difficulty of living on the land, tensions around family inheritance and deep family bonds. We enter the world together; a world of the past and an experience of here and now.

Uncle Vanya in Avoca was conceived in conversation with The Avoca Project, an art project from Lyndal Jones, which is dedicated to place and climate change and located on the same Watford House site.


‘It felt like a special event, a privileged insight into this world.’
Caroline Lee, Audience Member

Bagryana Popov and La Mama Theatre
Director: Bagryana Popov,
Dramaturge: Maryanne Lynch,
Music: Elissa Goodrich,
Performers: James Wardlaw, Natascha Flowers, Todd MacDonald, Liz Jones, Olena Fedorova, John Bolton, Majid Shokor and Meredith Rogers

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