Helping to lead the way in sustainable communities

Mount Alexander Shire Council is working to create a community that is sustainable now and will be into the future. With a strong national reputation for environmental commitments, along with the community’s extensive creative artistic talents, our commitment to sustainability and innovative community building is strong.

Castlemaine has long had a reputation as a leading centre of the arts in regional Victoria. More recently, the town has taken centre stage in tackling greenhouse issues with one of the first and largest greenhouse action groups in Australia — the Mount Alexander Sustainability
Group (MASG).

The 2007 Castlemaine State Festival received wide publicity with its carbon-neutral festival initiatives, and in 2009 the Festival again saw local people taking action with artists and visitors. Please join the 2011 Castlemaine State Festival and the Castlemaine community on a journey towards sustainability.

We want you to enjoy the wonderful artists and events of the Festival in ways that are good for you, good for us and good for the planet! Artists, volunteers, visitors and the local community are involved in our many climate-friendly initiatives.

What can you do?

•  Support green power: all of our venues and many local businesses have signed up.
•  Look for local food and support local long lunches and local providores.
•  Catch a train, use the bus, ride a bike or walk between venues.
•  Use the recycling bins in the streets, parks and gardens, and at
our venues.
•  Win great prizes for train travellers, participating businesses and visitors — details at
Most importantly talk with locals about sustainable living and visit some of the local sustainability activities while you are attending the Festival.
Castlemaine is a friendly and welcoming town, a vibrant place that celebrates individuality and a strong sense of community. It is a place where artists flourish, where gold rush heritage is treasured, and where leading-edge initiatives in environmental sustainability are championed.

We would love to share all of this with you.