Food & Drink

No limp chips in a paper cup at THIS Festival. Welcome to quality Festival cuisine.

The Castlemaine State Festival is a cultural event — food and beverages play a vital part in the overall experience. For the first time, we are providing light meals, snacks and bars at major venues including the Castlemaine Town Hall, Castlemaine Market Building, and at events in Victory Park across both weekends and at other locations. (Check the program for details.)

With an emphasis on foods made using local and seasonal produce, patrons can take advantage of the convenience of pre and post-show nibbles and drinks, whilst also enhancing their overall Festival-going experience with a little thematic extension from the stage to the plate. Tapas before flamenco? Roo burgers after Bush Gothic? Maybe a spot of porridge at the gaol….

Atmospheric pre and post-performance grub hubs The Writers Arms and The Clubrooms will be alive with critique and debate — they’ll be hotspots to share the goss on the ultimate must-see shows. A scalper’s paradise, or maybe a place to simply gift that spare ticket to a complete stranger … countless new friendships will be made over feasts of hand-picked, locally produced cuisine and wine.



Castlemaine Market Building
44 Mostyn Street Castlemaine
Disabled access
Light meals, snacks and full bar from 4pm to 10.30pm. Closed during performances.


Rear Castlemaine Town Hall
25 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine
Disabled access

Light meals, snacks and full bar from 5.30pm till 7pm. Re-opening for food & drink after Town Hall music performances.

Light meals, snacks & full bar, 10pm till late.