Share in this series of intimate conversations between two artists, as they discuss how, when and where they met, and the effect their meeting has had on their creative processes. Organic and unfiltered, this series of heart-to-hearts offers deep and playful new perspectives on works presented at the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival.

John Romeril and Jack Charles
I first saw Jack Charles working for the New Theatre in a South African play in the late 1960s. I wasn’t the only wannabe Melbourne writer to recognise what a fabulous actor he was. Come the early 1970s, my friend Jack Hibberd (a Bendigo boy) penned Captain Midnight VC as a vehicle for Jack. I followed suit with Bastardy. Bruce ‘Stork’ Spence, a Kiwi expat, directed it. In our heads the point of theatre was to keep whites, blacks and wogs in work. How else to show ourselves to us! (John Romeril)