Share in this series of intimate conversations between two artists, as they discuss how, when and where they met, and the effect their meeting has had on their creative processes. Organic and unfiltered, this series of heart-to-hearts offers deep and playful new perspectives on works presented at the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival.

Mark Penzac and Eliza Gilchrist
Mark and I met in Edinburgh when he asked a friend to build props for a children’s show he was creating. That friend also asked me and introduced me to Mark. I thought he was marvellous because he laughed so much and had an ‘anything-is-possible (though it may take a lot of hard work)’ persuasiveness and persistence about him. We have gone on to build six children’s shows, three cabarets and three experimental puppet shows … moved to London, then to Australia, ending up here in Castlemaine. (Eliza Gilchrist)