Share in this series of intimate conversations between two artists, as they discuss how, when and where they met, and the effect their meeting has had on their creative processes. Organic and unfiltered, this series of heart-to-hearts offers deep and playful new perspectives on works presented at the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival.

Youngh-Oh Won (Theatre Nottle) and Tony Yap (TYC)
I met Mr Won in 2006 at the Little Asia Creator’s meeting and then did a residency at Nottle’s Hooyong Performing Arts Centre in South Korea. It was then that I learnt a lot about working non-verbally as we tried to work together in English. At the second Little Asia Creators’ Meeting, my mother was dying and Mr Won and I sat at breakfast talking about philosophy, Buddhism and ritual. We continue to collaborate with Mr Won and the Nottle artists, initially with no outcome in mind, just to explore. (Tony Yap)