Manohar Lal, Jugdish Prajapat, Sandra Bowkett, Ann Ferguson

Crosshatched 2015 offers a unique series of ceramic workshops that will excite both experienced artists and those completely new to the ceramic experience through a collaborative encounter with  traditional Rajasthani potters Manohal Lal his son Jugdish Prajapat facilitated by Sandra Bowkett and Ann Ferguson.

Stack Sculpture Workshops
Stack sculptures — matka (waterpots) assembled on a central pole — make an intriguing focal point in both outdoor and indoor environs.  The beautifully light and rounded forms of the matka present a three-dimensional canvas for carving, imprinting and painting using a palette of earth colours dug from the Castlemaine environs. Combine traditional Rajasthani techniques with your own contemporary aesthetic.

Family Workshops
Enjoy the cross-cultural interactive experience of making a small pot on the traditional Rajasthani pottery wheel assisted by our visiting potters. Decorate a matka as a family. Sandra and Ann are able to support the younger participants to make a satisfying contribution to a family piece.

‘The process had a sense of timelessness about it that was
quite profound and enlivening.’

Margaret Rasa

Opening event: Sat 14 March, 10am to 12noon
Demonstrations and wheel participation, free

Introduction to Stack Sculpture Workshop: either Sat 14 OR Sun 15 March, 1pm to 4pm
$100 per participant, which includes one matka pot

Drop-in Days: 17, 18, 19 March, 10am to 4pm
Participants can join in one, two or three drop-in days to either continue to make and decorate their one matka pot (included as part of the workshop price) or make further matka pots

Family Workshops: Sat 21 or Sun 22 March, 10am to 1pm
Demonstrations and pot painting — $130 for four people (one of whom is an adult)
Ages four and up; extra people $25; maximum five families

Community Firing: Sun 22 March, 4pm to 7pm
All welcome, free


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