castlemaine-created2Michelle Heaven


A covert and daring plan
The ultimate escape
And final departure

In Plan is a physical investigation into above, below and beyond.
The implications of confined spaces have been a preoccupation of Michelle’s work to date. In Plan is the epitome of such interes

ts whereby the key concepts of ‘ flight / escape’ are intrinsically linked to the design format which will frame and reorient the audience’s perspective. A rich cinematic-like performance experience.

Prepare to be . . . In Plan

  ‘Bodies grow and recede, appearing like spectres at times,
almost floating in the thick and dusty environment’
Disagreeable Object review
Alison Browning,
Stage Review


Choreographer, Director, Performer – Michelle Heaven
Design for Set and Light – Ben Cobham, bluebottle
Composer – Bill McDonald
Performer Collaborators – Xanthe Beesley, Caroline Meaden
Assistant Designer – Morwenna Schenck, bluebottle
Costumes – Harriet Oxley
Graphics – David Lancashire

Disagreeable Object

Warnings: May contain nudity, smoke, strong lighting, unusual seating. This is non traditional, intimate theatre with limited places.


‘Movement and Movement Making Workshop’, with Michelle Heaven and performers from In Plan

Date: Sun 22nd March
Time: 9.30 – 11.30am
Place: Over the Moon Dance Studios, 9 Templeton Street, Castlemaine VIC 3450
Ages: Yr 10 and up to 25 years
Pre-requisites: Movement experience essential but specific dance training not necessary
Cost: Free

A gentle and fun warm up with focus on breath, weight and rhythm.
This workshop will progress through a series of preparatory, contemporary exercises leading to a short choreographed sequence, followed by exploring / sharing approaches to generating movement.
We will offer a range of movement choices that intend to deflect from habitual movement pathways, using improvisational and set tasks.
This is an opportunity to engage in movement and movement making through participation, observation and discussion of the creative process.

This workshop aims to attune physical and spatial awareness and processes for generating new material.

What to bring: Comfortable clothing, notebooks and a pencil.

For bookings please call (03) 5470 5061 or email: overthemoondance@bigpond.com


‘Behind the Scenes’ discussion on set with the creative team from In Plan

Date: Sun 22nd March
Time: 4.30 – 5pm
Place: Castlemaine Wollen Mill
Cost: Free – booking essential

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