Kate Stones and Kenneth MacLeod


From the pen of renowned author Ariel Dorfman (Death and The Maiden), comes Purgatorio, an intimate duet that tackles ‘the dilemmas of forgiveness and retribution, the uncertainty of memory…it is a play that raises questions of redemption and myth and above all if it is possible for love to prevail when terrible things have been done to us and, far too often, by us.’ Ariel Dorfman

A man and a woman encounter each other in a liminal world. Their dialogue takes them to dark places where recriminations fly, identities shift, and time loops in on itself, expanding and contracting in a perpetual cycle. They can only be released from endless repetition by revealing the depths of their souls to one another, and the stakes could not be higher.

Experience the enthralling, mesmeric and intense world of Purgatorio in the intimate setting of the Red Room Theatre. Directed, designed and performed by Kenneth MacLeod and Kate Stones.

‘It is a play brimming with ideas, blending myth with multifold literary references.
There has been nothing as serious and ambitious.’

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