Joey, Anonymous , 2014
Joey, Anonymous , 2014

Helen Bodycomb, Ulrike Barbara von Radichevich, Jilli Rose, Davide Michielin


RKM (Road Kill Mausoleum) is an architectural-scale, interactive multimedia installation that honours road kill and memory. Modeled on the footprint of the Byzantine Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy, and built from thousands of VHS tape memory vaults, RKM is a walk-through memento mori. It explores death as obsolescence, collective and genetic memory, and the relationship between the experience of being human and our inner beast. Poignant and provocative, RKM interweaves threads of indifference with guilt, horror with humour, and the real with imagined memory.

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Castlemaine Bus Lines, Pyrenees Quarry, Castlemaine Woollen Mill