Patrick PoundThe Museum of Holes (detail), 2014–15. Photographer: Andrew Curtis
Patrick Pound The Museum of Holes (detail), 2014–15. Photographer: Andrew Curtis

A half-day visual arts symposium

The theme of the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival Before and Beyond, suggests a moment in time that relates to both past and future, and the transformative nature of art.

The terrains synonymous with this region of central Victoria weave narratives that reveal our human identities, and ultimately contest our aspirations and ambitions. This place is a region of non-linear layers that intersect mythologies, histories, politics, economies and philosophies.

As Lucy Lippard states, ‘every landscape is a hermetic narrative: finding a fitting place for oneself in the world is finding a place for oneself in a story’.

In the process of mining our topophilia, artists continue to play important roles in this temporal place, where whispers and mysteries merge and make it difficult to assess whether we are viewing the past or the future.

Terrains of Memory will present a range of propositions that explore this temporal place.

‘…history is a palimpsest, and culture is permeable to time past,
time present, and time future’
Ihab Hassan

Key notes:


Shaun Wilson


Helen Ennis


Jan van Schaik




Edgar Hechavarria Ricardo


Yutaka Kobayashi


Jessica Ledwich


Catherine Pilgrim



Neil Fettling: Director, La Trobe Art Institute

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