5@5 – 5 Conversations over 5 days, in 5 locations at 5pm

Share in this series of intimate conversations between two artists, as they discuss how, when and where they met, and the effect their meeting has had on their creative processes. Organic and unfiltered, this series of heart-to-hearts offers deep and playful new perspectives on works presented at the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival.


Massimo Scattolin and Stefano De Pieri
My friendship with Stefano dates from the period of adolescence. In fact, we come from the same city, Treviso, in the hinterland of Venice. We met by attending the concerts of his older brother Sergio, arguing about music and philosophy of life. One day he told me he was leaving for Australia, where we met up again, finally realising new projects together, thus fusing our different life experiences. (Massimo Scattolin)