castlemaine-created2George Fairfax New Theatre Award Presentation


Going Through is the world premiere of a new work by Castlemaine-based playwright John Romeril. He asks two questions. What’s going on when two felons, out of jail, doing community service, can’t get back to their cells? And will the upshot be that two remarkable women, in seeking the best for a pair of unfortunates, face time in the clink themselves?

Stage, film, and television audiences will be familiar with the charismatic Aboriginal performer Jack Charles. Less well known is that Jack Charles was, several times, an inmate of the Old Castlemaine Gaol.

In the early 1990s, local playwright Romeril paid his acting mate Jack a visit and found Prisoner No. 3944 in a mirthful mood. Asked why, Jack relayed the details of an improbable incident that had just taken place. Romeril knew he’d struck gold: Jack’s jail-tale had the makings of a wild and wonderful play.

Starring none other than Jack Charles (as himself), Going Through is a remarkable work of the 2015 Castlemaine Festival and premieres at, of course, the Old Castlemaine Gaol.


Written by John Romeril
Directed by Maude Davey
Performed by Jack Charles, Sue Ingleton, Lisa Maza, James Benedict
Dramaturg — Rachael Maza
Music — Nigel MacLean
Audio Visual Design — Peter Worland
Producer — Mandy Grinblat
Production Manager — Jim Austin
Production Co-ordinator/ Stage Manager — David Harrod
Produced and Presented by Castlemaine State Festival

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