The Australian Imperial Force’s 2nd Anzac Corp’s Unicycling Battalion (1915)
The Australian Imperial Force’s 2nd Anzac Corp’s Unicycling Battalion (1915)

Mount Renouf is a trans-media mock museum exhibition, presenting the fanciful and comedic history of a quintessential small Australian country town; the presentation occurring to mark the town’s sesquicentennial celebrations.  Audience members will move throughout the exhibition space from station to station, each illuminating a tale from a different era in the rich timeline of the township’s 150 year history.

This unique Australian work celebrates, questions and comments on the historical, familiar and collective cultural clichés that contribute to our national story.  Presented through a variety of forms and led by a narrative with tongue planted firmly in cheek, it aims to subvert the conventional museum experience.  Mount Renouf delights in nostalgia, dazzles with detail, drips with satire and isn’t afraid to unpack some of the darker aspects of the Australian identity.


Mythologist — Ian Moorhead
The Players — Susie Dee, Sam McMahon, Ian Moorhead, Stephen Sheehan and Emily Taheny
Photographer/ Graphic Designer — Rachel Harris
Physical Designer — Michelle Delaney
Technology Designer — Heidi Angove
Creative Producer — Steve Mayhew


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