Castlemaine State Festival

Castlemaine State Festival 2023


Castlemaine State Festival presents

Vika & Linda

Singing harmonies releases oxytocin, so the bonding hormone will be in abundance tonight. 

Vika and Linda Bull learned to sing in the Tongan church and through grooving to sibling pop groups of the 70s. They love the ‘blood harmony’. For decades, they lent their powerful voices to others such as Paul Kelly and John Farnham, but recently they’ve thrived in their own right. In 2020 they released their career anthology, ‘Akilotoa and gospel album Sunday (The Gospel According To Iso), both of which went to #1 and #2 in the ARIA charts respectively. In 2022 they each received a medal of the Order of Australia (OAM). 

Now they bring their band The Bullettes and their good vibes to Castlemaine.


Western Reserve Big Top,
Forest Street


Sunday, April 2, 8:30pm


60 mins


Wheelchair access

"Vika and Linda Bull have enchanted Australian music fans for the past three decades with their effervescent performance and effortless harmonies"


Supported by Dr Mary Cole.

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