castlemaine-created4What happens when we encounter a body that is ‘different’, and what is it like to inhabit one? With great tenderness and power, Each Map of Scars probes behind essential yet rarely asked questions about body diversity and identity. Each Map of Scars uses poetry, puppetry and projected image, to bring audiences into an intimate encounter with our shared human vulnerability. This moving and thought-provoking triptych of short performances is a collaboration between acclaimed poet Andy Jackson, artist/performer Rachael Wenona Guy and videographer/animator Leonie Van Eyk.

A short Q&A session will be offered after the show, to give the audience the chance to delve further into the creative process and the implications of the work.

‘Your performance was spell binding and left a deep impression on all who had the privilege of seeing the show…’
Brendan Flynn,
Director Clifden Arts Week, Ireland