Circocentric @ Castlemaine Goods Shed

Contemporary circus is an open, connective and often extreme art form, which is endlessly testing the limits of the human body. Contemporary circus is about exploring, experimenting, asking questions, and redefining itself as it evolves.

The inherent celebration of physical skill is dynamic and sometimes dangerous. Historically, circuses have been itinerant, their practitioners becoming travelers in order to survive, as they still do today. Existing on the outskirts of society, on the narrow edge between art and entertainment, their challenges are layered and multifold. In traditional circus practice, skills are built on and passed down through successive generations. Within this process of inheritance lies profound stories of tragedy, sensitivity, laughter and joy. Circus folk work together, support each other, and take risks together. In circus there are no losers. It’s all of us against gravity.

Sam Thomas
Castlemaine Goods Shed Circus Program