Kaput! is the story of a clumsy ‘Mr Fixit’ who, despite his best efforts to perform the simplest of tasks, only manages to fuel the catastrophe unfolding around him.

Described as ‘physical comedy at its best’ (Entertainment Hive), Kaput! revives the art of silent movie slapstick, exploring the simple and universally engaging charm of one of the oldest forms of humour.

Tom Flanagan is a larger-than-life, highly acclaimed acrobatic clown who has been tumbling, twisting, flying and falling since the age of six. The self-professed ‘elegant buffoon’ is a graduate of the Flying Fruit Circus, and has performed at festivals and circuses all over the world, reaping praise and awards. Kaput! was rated by The Scotsman as one of the top five comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

‘[Kaput!] just reaches in and puts a string of coloured lights around your heart’
The Scotsman

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