UK / Sweden

Supported by ENCONTROS (ENCOUNTERS) Lusco and Fusco

John-Paul Zaccarini, internationally admired circus director and performer, is as brainy as he is buff. His critically acclaimed solo show Throat toured the world for 9 years, during which he was nominated for Best Actor by The Stage and received The World’s Fair award for Best Contemporary Circus Artist.

Presenting feature elements from Throat, and specially commissioned for the 2017 Castlemaine State Festival, Zaccarini’s Head includes mesmerizing work with water and rope, spoken word circus and is as athletic as it is academic. The 2017 Castlemaine State Festival is honoured to welcome John-Paul Zaccarini to perform this riveting experience not to be missed.

’…a fabulous piece of work, as passionately executed as it was beautifully conceived’

Encontros (Encounters) is a captivating work from Spanish physical theatre performers Lusco and Fusco, which explores the nuances ofmeetings between people; both physical and emotional, matches and mismatches. This graceful, wordless performance is utterly mesmerising, crossing all boundaries in explorations of the self and the other.

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