Philippines / Australia

Not happy with the government of the day? Make your own!

Sipat Lawin Ensemble and students of Castlemaine Secondary College offer you an opportunity to do just that with Gobyerno (Government).

Gobyerno is an interactive performance with film production elements that invites you and your fellow audience members to perform your ideal government, to create your own ruling bodies and to develop a new national constitution from scratch. As a participatory show, it challenges its participants to collectively re-imagine social institutions and create alternatives. Gobyerno is the incredible outcome: a government as you want it to be.

Created in collaboration with Manila-based contemporary performance company, Sipat Lawin Ensemble, Filipino-American filmmaker Brandon Relucio, Australian playwright David Finnigan and students of Castlemaine Secondary College, Gobyerno is a project that explores pertinent questions of our time. Now in its third year of development, it has toured to Seoul, Manila, Yokohama, Darwin, and now — Castlemaine.

‘Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s process was sustained, focused and liberating, giving people an opportunity to speak up and act—on stage at least’.
Kaye Hall, RealTime

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