Reducing CO2 – Community Solar Project

Castlemaine State Festival is aiming to reduce the CO2 problem by offsetting its emissions and contributing to further carbon emission reductions over time through investment in a range of community solar projects; possible initiatives including the Castlemaine Goods Shed redevelopment and Winters Flat Primary School.

This project will be organised by MASH (More Australian Solar Homes) which is a highly successful project of the not-for-profit Hub Foundation in Castlemaine. For more information on the solar project plans please visit:

Donate to Community Solar Project

Mount Alexander Shire is working to create a community that is sustainable now, and into the future. With a strong national reputation for environmental commitment, along with the community’s extensive creative artistic talents, our commitment to sustainability and innovative community building is strong.

While visiting the 2017 festival, you can also contribute to the wellbeing of our community and environment by:

  • Enjoying the many cafes, bars and restaurants and looking out for locally produced food and beverages.
  • Shopping locally at the plethora of shops and individual businesses in Castlemaine and surrounds.
  • Catching a train to Castlemaine, using the bus, riding a bike or strolling between venues.
  • Minimising waste by bringing along your own shopping bags to our community events and use the recycling bins in our streets, parks and gardens and at our venues.
  • Learning more about our local community organisations and service providers.