Comedy, Musical, Romance
120 minutes
Unclassified – no age restriction

LANGUAGE: Filipino | Tagalog

This colourful, musical romantic-comedy is a really fun Filipino film. Of a similar genre as flicks such as Mama Mia, it is highly entertaining and just a little bit cheesy, featuring songs from the famed Apo Hiking Society – a Filipino musical group with powerful original musical contributions and cultural influence. The plot revolves around a teenage couple who become expecting parents, and who have to deal with their outrageous families before they can get married. What could possibly go wrong?

I DO BIDOO BIDOO received 11 nominations for the 2013 PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) Star Awards, the most number of nominations at the 10th Golden Screen Awards for Movies of Entertainment Press Society and won 4 awards including Best Motion Picture for Comedy.

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