Australia/ Greece

The 2017 Castlemaine State Festival is thrilled to welcome back Nick Tsiavos, who performed Liminal to a rapturous audience in 2011. Tsiavos has become well known for his musical fusions of the ancient and the modern, and in Maps for Losing Oneself, he deconstructs ancient chant through a prism of jazz and rock minimalism. The music becomes a cartography of the landscape of loss and desire, like sound scraps or remnants of directions on ‘how to get from here to there’.

Fragments of text from the threnodies and burial songs of northern Greece are infused throughout. Other included text fragments come from later poems, such as Ithaca by eminent Greek poet Constantine P Cavafy and works by contemporary Melbourne poet and philosopher, Nick Trakakis.

Tsiavos’ sublimely immersive music in Maps for Losing Oneself beckons audience surrender.

‘…contemplative and enigmatic, but also pulsating with life’ Guardian

‘From the sublime to almost frighteningly beautiful, the combination of Kayser’s vocals with Tsiavos’s bass was incredibly powerful…’  Resonate Magazine

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