New Work

No Hands is a poetic re-imagining of Isak Dinesen’s The Diver. Set in an Islamic culture somewhere in the timeless past, No Hands uses physical theatre, sound and video projection in an exploration of our obsession with imagined ideals and the possibility of flying, falling and floating towards the unknown.

CreateAbility, a mixed ability company based in Bendigo, has presented work at the previous two Castlemaine State Festivals, Produce in 2013 and Cultural Exchange in 2015.

The work we do draws on the life experiences of all of us. We work together to create vibrant, strong, curious, brave, heartfelt and wondrous performances.’
John Willis, CreateAbility

Devised by CreateAbility based on an original short story, The Diver, by Isak Dinesen
Creative Team: Kate Stones, Sam Thomas, John Willis
Performance Ensemble: Cheryl Bayley, Francis Bush, Nicholas Cobbold, Lachie Chisholm, Kyra Drummond, Sarah Gonninon, Kelly Hartland, Yvette Keane, Gregory McDowell, Ned Middleton, Kate Prendergast, Samuel Thompson
Original Composition and Sound Design: Eliza Hull, Sam Thomas
Live Music Performance: Eliza Hull
Videography: Shock Corridor Productions
Sound Recording: Eliza Hull
Costume Design: Zo Sandow
Set Design: Sam Deal, Paul Turbot
Stage Manager: Mici Boxell
CreateAbility Artistic Director: Sam Thomas
Producer: John Willis
Artistic Associate: Kate Stones

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