One hundred and thirty years ago, eight men formed a brass band at the Foundry at Castlemaine.
Under candlelight they played in a tin shed.
Named after their workplace, they became Thompson’s Foundry Band.

To celebrate the history of both the Band and the Foundry, Thompson’s Foundry Band will perform nestled amongst the machinery of the Vossloh Cogifer Steel factory, formerly Thompson’s Foundry. This rare and extraordinary performance, to be held in the expansive factory space where the band was first formed, will be a highly memorable event. Playing under the exemplary baton of Bandmaster Pip Avent, the percussive possibilities of all that metal will make for an extraordinary audience experience.

The Castlemaine community honours and thanks Thompson’s Foundry Band for countless community performances throughout the years and for being part of every Castlemaine Anzac Day ceremony since the band was formed.

You can take the band out of Thompson’s Foundry …
… but you can’t take Thompson’s Foundry out of the band.

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