Goods Shed Arts is an imaginative centre for creative activity where CSF develops Festival works in multiple artforms, as well as providing the opportunity to partner with artists and arts organisations to offer cultural programs and events throughout the year.

Goods Shed Arts has airconditioned and furnished facilities that include a creative space, gathering rooms, offices and break out spaces. In addition to our own professional learning programs and creative residencies partnerships, there is the capacity to accommodate other long-term tenancies, casual desk space and venue hire, all with access to reliable high speed 100Mbps NBN Wifi.

Goods Shed Arts is a culturally and physically safe space for our community, including LGBTIQ+, First Nations Peoples and people with a disability.


There is a co-working space in the Communal Office with four individual work-stations and two adjoining workstations. CSF is seeking creative individuals or businesses who are interested in taking up Resident Desks from which to work on a regular basis and for long-term rental periods.

A full-time desk will include a desk, chair, lockable storage unit, access to high-speed 100Mbps Wi-Fi, printer and scanner, tea and coffee, access to the Meeting / Workshop room for set allocation of time each month and at reduced room hire rates.

Part-time desk or multiple desks for small businesses may be available with rates dependent on exact requirements.

Full-time desks may be shared between individuals (friends, colleagues etc) limited only by potential COVID-safety regulations.

$400 per month


For individuals who require non-regular desk space, there is an opportunity to hire a desk in the co-working room on a daily basis, depending on availability.

A daily desk will include a desk, chair, 100Mbps Wi-Fi, access to printer and scanner, and access to the Communal Office facilities.

$35 per day


For individuals who wish to access the high-speed 100Mbps Wi-Fi at Goods Shed Arts, this can be made available at $15 per day, $10 per half-day and $5 per hour. Users may use the Communal Work-Space if space is available or other seating as directed.


Venue Facilities

Your venue hire includes the following facilities and services:

Access to kitchenette with fridge, sink, toilet and limited storage area

General space lighting, 3 phase power, water and basic cleaning. Limited heating is available in winter.

Chairs and tables – seating is available for approximately 300 people if requested.

Venue Access

You will have access to the venue for the duration of the time specified in your agreement. Additional access can be arranged upon request, so long as it falls within the dates of the agreed hire period and subject to venue availability. If additional charges are incurred buy this extended access, these will be charged to you at the end of your venue hire. Unforeseen over-runs will be charged in the same manner. Unfortunately our co-working space does not have wheelchair access, please contact us to discuss any additional needs you may have in regards to accessibility.

Instructions for Venue Access

You will receive a key to the venue for the duration of your hire. You will be advised of details for key collection and return. Please keep the key safe at all times and note that you are not authorised to hand this key to a third party. At the end of the hire, the key should be returned as instructed.

Hours of Use

The venue is available for use from 7am to 10pm. Please note that the venue is located in a residential area, so noise restrictions apply.

Co-working consideration

The co-working space is a shared office and we ask that you consider other Members and use the space in a respectful manner.

Your Belongings

Anything you bring to, or leave in the venue is your responsibility, including insuring your goods.


Public liability insurance is compulsory for all public events and must either be self supplied or can be arranged by CSF for you at an additional charge. Arranging insurance for your personal property or equipment is at your discretion.


Any damage to property or equipment is the responsibility of the hirer. Costs incurred by such damage will be charged to you upon completion of your hire period.


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