Iceland / Swedan

Scandinavian folk sensation, Sweden’s My Larsdotter and Iceland’s Bubba Tomasdottir, share a soulful sisterhood. Together as My Bubba, the two perform sultry and refined folk music with voice, guitar and the Norwegian cittra (lap harp). Sonically sparse, the songs these women weave are laced with dark humour and clever bite. Combining vocals described as ‘disarming and delicate’, their sound is sensual and unhurried, simultaneously strange and familiar … like milk from another planet.

‘From the second they started their a cappella first song and those gorgeous layered vocals started to bounce around Third Man Records, you could hear a pin drop as the audience barely dared breathe and risk breaking the spell. With a gentle sense of humor to match their songs, My Bubba was the breakout act of Americanafest 2016’ AXS

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