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Starring The Huxleys, Holly Durant, Simone Page Jones, Gabi Barton,Nick Kay and Conor Gallacher with guest appearances from talented locals.

Pizzazz on a Plate takes its inspiration from the finest theatre restaurant traditions of the 1970s and 80s. The Pizzazz on a Plate Travelling Theatre Restaurant combines simply marvellous buffet cuisine with a fabulous comedic floorshow and a sprinkling of mesmerising magic.

Described by the Muckleford Mercury as ‘quite amusing’ and Winner of the 1989 Food and Fun Award, Travelling Businessmen’s Association (rural division), Pizzazz on a Plate makes cruise ship entertainment look downright lame. With its fully functional fire plan, vegetarian options and ‘world class’ talent, Pizzazz on a Plate at the Maldon Community Centre is not to be missed.

‘A smorgasbord of hot food and wasted talent’

Produced by Hannah Cuthbertson and Rose Chong.


PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Rod Quantock can no longer play the role of the Maitre D’/MC in Pizzazz on a Plate. The role of Maitre D’/MC will now be played by Melbourne actor Conor Gallacher. In keeping with the theme and spirit of the show, Conor will be playing Rod Quantock’s son, a challenging young man who left the family business to pursue a career in erotic events management in Sydney. He has been forced to return, reluctantly, to run Pizzazz on a Plate after a further misunderstanding with his parole officer and the mysterious disappearance of his father. We guarantee that the theatrical integrity of Pizzazz on a Plate will not be compromised one iota.

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